Saturday, February 14, 2009


"Pub bharo", said a minister in the UPA government, signaling that the Congress party has travelled a long way since MKGandhi's Dandi march. (Well, nobody accuses them of being Gandhi's legatees anyway). But what happens if morally un-policed Pink Panties punks fill pubs? Here's a glimpse into what can happen: on Valentine's Day eve they get drunk and target women to tear their clothes off:

JAIPUR: In an incident that shattered the Pink City’s image as a safe destination for tourists, a 25-year-old US citizen was molested and her28-year old companion beaten up by a mob of Maharaja College students near Gokhale Hostel under Lal Kothi police station area late on Friday night.The duo was on their way home to Adarsh Nagar area, where they are staying as paying guests, after having dinner at a five-star hotel. The youths who were allegedly drunk intercepted the bike which the couple was riding and harassed them. One of the youths allegedly tore the clothes of the girl. Police raided the Gokhale Hostel soon after the incident and arrested 10 students in this regard.


Todays's topic is: the #2 reason why the pink panties circus deserves, at best, our emotional support. So that they quickly heal, get better and move from the dregs and fringes of society into the mainstream.

Their mode of protest gave us great insights into their pink-panties-centered universe. We know what they like. It is time to get to know what they don't like. What they are paranoid about. What they jerk up in the middle of the night sweating about, panting, frightened, and groping in the dark for a glass of water.

It is Amar Chitra Katha comics.

I know you are shaking your head in disbelief. "Comics?" you're asking yourself, "do they wet their pan .. err.. underwear about comics?"

Yes they do. They see a great Hindu-Zionist conspiracy underlying Amar Chitra Comics. They see in those pictures what you didn't see with your electron microscope: dangerous "anti-Musim" propaganda.

There is a technique in computer graphics called "steganography". Using steganography, it is possible to write secret messages into jpeg images, without changing the appearance of those images. Suppose Party A wants to send a secret message to Party B. Party A picks up the Pink Panties image from the Pink Panties Circus HQ, and injects a secret message into it, something like:

"Ummm darling, this is your lady love darling .. guess what I'm going to wear for you tonight darling? Come home soon darling.."

or it could even be:

"ISI head quarters, this is Kasab. I dug a hole out of my prison. On Valentine's day I will stage The Kasab Redemption, swim my way out of a lot of Bombay shit, and kill all the partying kaffirs in all the pubs and then you guys have to blame it all on the Hindu-Zionists. Please signal OK."

The Pink Panties Circus suspects that a massive steganographic conspiracy lurks beneath Amar Chitra Katha comics. This is what Nisha Susan, the Chief Pink Pantier, wrote in a magazine known variously as, "Sensation!" "Mindblowing!" "Wow!" and "WTF?"

Yes. The Pink Panties Brigade believes that the hidden agenda behind Amar Chitra Katha comics is to get you to hate, and then maybe eventually kill, innocent Muslims.

This is no laughing matter. Imagine that in a casual conversation with your Muslim classmate or co-worker, you mention the fact that you read those comics in your childhood. And that you enjoyed them. Bingo! Your classmate/co-worker begins to see you in a new light. He is worried. He thought you were a cool guy. But the reality of your own admission is forcing him to change that opinion. The new evidence tells him that you are a dangerous guy.

Poison, friends, poison. That is how poison is injected into what can be reasonably good relationships. Suspcion is sown, seeds of hatred are planted. All using Pink Panties.

That is why we must reject the Pink Panties Circus. You can't put a gun to its head and make it admit under coercion that it's anti-Hindu. Pinkos are trained well. But make no mistake: Hindu-baiting is on their agenda.


We start from bottom to top. No pun intended.


A toothpaste advertisement does not have to use nude models to sell the product. If it does, it is a stunt.

In Europe and other Western countries, sometimes some wackos participate in "nude protests". You might have read about such "protests" in the newspapers. Men and women strip and parade themselves naked to show "concern" for the environment, animal rights etc. The intention is to generate publicity using an attention-grabbing stunt. A few people in the audience do fall for the trick. But most people get amused and distracted for a while, and then get on with their lives ignoring the foolish spectacle.

Like organizers of European nude protests, the ringmasters of the Pink Panties Circus wanted to grab attention by staging a stunt. They wanted to get on TV and into newspapers to attract those few people in the audience who do fall for the trick. They waved pink panties and screamed, "hey dude, come here man! Pink panties! Pink panties! Fight for justice with pink panties!" They should have been able to attract people with a compelling argument. They showed pink panties instead.

Stunts revolt me. I believe they ought to revolt every thinking person, because their intent is to manipulate you.

Would you buy a particular brand of toothpaste because a nude model is shown brushing her teeth with it?

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